185 same-sex couples are married at mass wedding

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Rio de Janeiro hosts one of the largest same-sex mass weddings ever. Angela Moore reports.

185 same-sex couples are married at mass wedding

And with these rings, they were wed.

185 same-sex couples were married in a mass wedding in Rio de Janeiro.

It was one of the largest events of its kind ever held in Brazil.

SOUNDBITE: Marcelo Lopes de Souza, groom, saying (Portuguese):

“I have no words, we fought hard for this, with society, with our families, so it was a great victory. Since we have been together it was a victory, but to do this in front of society is another victory. It is very exciting, really great.”

Brazil legalized same-sex marriage in 2011. But two years later, another law had to be passed to force government offices to recognize the unions.

SOUNDBITE: Raquel de Oliveira, magistrate, saying (Portuguese):

“This recognition of the state is a guarantee that society needs to respect, society has to tolerate, has to accept, respect and receive with love. What we have to repudiate is terrorism, war, fighting and hatred.”

With their families and friends gathered to bear witness to their marriage vows, these newlywed couples will now celebrate their love happily ever after.

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