2015 on track for record box office

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Despite heavy competition from the small screen, the movie business held its own in 2015, and has a strong pipeline for next year. Bobbi Rebell reports.

2015 on track for record box office

The 2015 box office will be one for the record books. According to Rentrak, North America is on pace to hit $11 billion in box office sales this year. They expect $40 billion worldwide.

The biggest blockbuster – “Star Wars: the Force Awakens” hit a billion dollars at a record pace, and has not even opened in China.

The phenomenal performance is even more impressive given the high quality content on the small screen, like Netflix and Amazon.

Rentrak’s Paul Dergarabedian:


“Even though there is all this competition, the reason we are getting to a record year is, yes, of course, ticket prices are higher. But look at how much more competitive the market place is today, and how many options people have for entertainment, and the fact that that old fashioned idea: going to a movie theater, sitting in that communal environment, having a great time with a lot of other people outside the home. It still is as viable and relevant as ever.”

Dergarabedian says 2016 is looking strong as well, with big hits expected, including the new Batman movie and the latest Captain America.

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