3 policemen abducted from BJP MP’s house

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Khunti (Jharkhand), Jun 27 (ANI): Three policemen were abducted from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Karia Munda’s house on Tuesday night. The policemen were earlier deployed there and got abducted by the supporters of Pathalgadi as per a statement by BJP MP Karia Munda. Pathalgadi is a group of tribals, they deny to accept any rules or orders of the state or Center. When these villages started practicing their self made rules, police began to inquire them as it is an anti-national activity, forcing the villagers to start taking the police as hostages. MP Karia Munda said “there is no doubt that they were from ‘Pathalgadi’ community. They had come here to find someone. Their motive is to paralyze police administration to establish their (Pathalgadi) rule”. The cops who were deployed as house guards were abducted and further details are awaited.

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