601 babies in Japan crawl to Guinness World Record

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Japan wins the Guinness World record for the largest crawling competition with 601 babies taking part in the race in Yokohama.

601 babies in Japan crawl to Guinness World Record

Babies crawl, and bawl, to finish line in Japan race

Tokyo (Japan)

– 23 November 2015 10:48


More than 600 babies in Japan wriggled to the finish line on their hands and knees in the world’s largest crawling competition on Monday.

Japanese publisher Benesse organised the one-day event at a shopping mall in Yokohama, southwest of Tokyo, inviting infants aged between six months and one year and four months to participate in the three-metre (10-foot) race.

Some vigorous babies crawled determinedly towards the finish line and their waiting parents, while others refused to participate, sitting stationary on the starting line and crying loudly.

“About a month ago she could not crawl well over a long distance, but I am so glad to see her grow,” said Hitomi Nanba, mother of Saho, who took part in the race.

The competition, involving 601 babies, was logged as a new Guinness World Record, replacing the previous record of 451 infants at a similar race in China last year.

The winner was awarded a headset digital camera, which allows parents to take pictures and videos of their children with their hands free.


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