A group of wrestlers belonging to different religions in Shahganj in Agra city live together in harm

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Agra, Jan 25 (ANI): At the Mallaka Chautra Akhada at Shahganj in Agra City, the wrestlers introduce themselves by suffixing their names with ‘Pehelwan’ or wrestler. The wrestlers, be it Hindu or Muslim, have faith in the temple of Lord Hanuman and start their day by praying together at the temple famous for its eternal flame. Caste and religion are immaterial for these heavyweight athletes who enjoy sharing their meal together after their rigorous practice sessions. True sportsman spirit can be witnessed at this Akhada. The wrestlers live in amity and play with all their might with each other, irrespective the personal religious beliefs. Institutions such as these help to strengthen the foundation of harmony and brotherhood among the people of the country.

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