AAI chief inaugurates central-air traffic flow management system in New Delhi

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New Delhi, Jan26 (ANI): Chairman of Airports Authority of India, Dr. Guruprasad Mohapatra, dedicated the Central Command Centre, Air Traffic Flow Management at New Air Traffic Services Complex, on the occasion of 68th Republic Day.The inauguration took place in the presence AAI board members, senior officers of AAI and representatives of various airlines. Mohapatra, who attended the Republic Day celebrations at the ATS building in New Delhi, also hoisted the flag and later felicitated the members of AAI Northern Region Cricket Team.While dedicating the central-air traffic flow management, Mohapatra said the system would accrue benefits in terms of reduced carbon foot print, embarking on Green environment complex, fuel savings and economic benefits to the air travelers. ATFM Service relies on a number of supporting systems, processes and operational data which are already in place, for efficient management of Air Traffic Flow across the country. The system displays weather information along with static information about airports, airspaces and air routes. It processes the demand / capacity information, provides decision making tools to the ATFM flow managers for collaborative decision making, in consultation with airlines, Military and Airports Operators to facilitate the regulated flow of traffic in each airport in India. With the introduction of ATFM in India, it is envisaged to have: Enhanced safety, Cost savings to airlines resulting out of fuel savings approximately to the tune of Rs 1,680 Crores per year, reduction in operating cost for airlines and contribution to Green Environment.

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