Aamir Khan To Work With Sunny Leone

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Superstar Aamir Khan says he would like to work with the adult star-turned-Bollywood actor Sunny Leone. In a TV interview, which garnered a lot of negative attention on social media and flak from Bollywood celebrities, Sunny, a former adult star, was asked whether Aamir would want to work with her and she responded with a no. “When I saw the interview, I was hurt. She was asked some questions. When she was asked about working with Aamir she said no. I was hurt by this,” Aamir, 50, told reporters here at the press conference to commemorate ten years of his superhit film “Rang De Basanti”. “I am open to work with her only if she is ready and also if there is a right script, characters then why not,” he said. He also said he had nothing to do with Sunny’s personal life. “I hope she would like to work with me,” he said.

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