Afghan forces push back Taliban in Helmand

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Afghan troops battle against shortages of supplies and reinforcements as well as the enemy in their fight to repel the Taliban in Helmand. Paul Chapman reports.

Afghan forces push back Taliban in Helmand

Afghan forces are pushing back the Taliban in Helmand Province. It’s not an easy task.

They’ve been fighting for months, not just against the insurgents but in the face of shortages of supplies and reinforcements.

More foreign troops died fighting in Helmand than in any other Afghan province.

Little more than a year after the departure of NATO forces the region faces the possibility of being overrun once more.

Hopes that Afghan troops could fight on alone have been dented by the developments.

Britain’s sending extra personnel to join NATO’s remaining advisory mission in Helmand hoping to help the struggling local forces.

Officials haven’t confirmed whether special forces are present but insist that the mission is to advise and not to get involved in combat operations.

Afghan commanders have repeated pleaded for more helicopters, close air support and intelligence from surveillance aircraft.

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