Afghan soldiers killed in friendly fire incident

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NATO kills at least seven and wounds five Afghan soldiers in friendly fire incident south of Kabul. Sean Carberry reports.

Afghan soldiers killed in friendly fire incident

STORY: Afghan forces are suffering record levels of casualties this year, and at least seven more are dead.

But, these troops died after being hit by a U.S. air strike in eastern Logar Province.

According to Afghan officials, helicopters belonging to the U.S.-led military coalition came under enemy attack and returned fire, mistakenly hitting an army post.

The U.S. military has confirmed that they were involved in an incident that resulted in the deaths of Afghan troops, and the incident is under investigation.

Afghan soldiers at the base had to rescue their colleagues while under fire from Taliban militants.

Although the U.S. declared the end of combat operations last year, American forces continue to engage in combat in Afghanistan, particularly air operations.

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