African migrants among the volunteers in quake-hit Italy

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Migrants helping with relief efforts in quake-hit Pescara del Tronto say they want to help their host country in its time of need. Nathan Frandino reports.

African migrants among the volunteers in quake-hit Italy

With another day of earthquake clean-up underway, another group of volunteers has come to help: migrants.

They come from north and sub-Saharan Africa, but say they were so moved by the suffering here, in the town of Pescara del Tronto, they felt that they had to come and help.

Abdullah from Benin says he can relate to their pain.


“We need to help the people here, we feel the need to help them because we’ve seen people losing their lives and we feel bad and want to help. It’s to show respect to them and their dignity.”

The quake has killed hundreds. Many more have been injured.

These migrants, who’ve risked their own lives just to come to Italy… say they now owe it to their host country to help… in its time of need.

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