After sex change, Gujarat woman hopeful of social acceptance

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Vadodara, Oct 27 (ANI): Aakriti Patel, who was born a male and underwent a sex change surgery last week, said she was hopeful of living a normal life now. Twenty-seven-year-old Aakriti, born as Ajay Patel, always felt constricted in the wrong body and struggled all her life with an identity crisis. Since childhood, she considered herself a woman and looked up to her mother as a role model. She underwent the sex reassignment surgery (SRS) on Friday after a long wait of almost six years. Aakriti addressed a news conference in her hometown Vododara in Gujarat as she looked forward to begin a new phase of her life. In 2009, she decided to undergo the sex change surgery. With little financial help at her disposal, she first went to a government run hospital for the operation. However, dilly-dallying at the government hospital prompted her to approach a private hospital instead. The surgery cost her rupees 4,00,000 (USD 6165.85).

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