Alka Lamba questions Govt. over ‘special treatment’ to Geeta

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New Delhi, Oct 27 (ANI): Aam Aadmi Party leader Alka Lamba questioned the Central Government’s special treatment to Geeta, who returned to India after spending almost a decade in Pakistan. Lamba said that the government is behaving as if they have won a war against Pakistan. She maintained that she too welcomes the return of Geeta, but at the same time, questioned the Narendra Modi led government on its inaction over other issues which are of greater importance. Lamba also said that the NDA government is on the one hand, showing Pakistan in a good light and on the other hand, their allies are protesting performance by Pak artists. She said that the nation will not accept this ‘double faced government’. The AAP leader had earlier tweeted, “The amount of respect and attention that the government of India and media is showering on Heera, not Geeta, was not given even to country’s martyrs and their families.”

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