Alleged water shortage at Government Hospital in Hyderabad leaves patients helpless

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Hyderabad, Jun 13 (ANI): Patients and their attendants are facing difficulties due to alleged water shortage in Hyderabad’s Gandhi Hospital. They allege that they do not have enough water to quench their thirst. However, the officials claim that the problem is because of more number of attendees visiting the patients. A doctor of Gandhi hospital says,” Approximately 15,000 patients come here in a day. That is the reason we kept a water plant. There might be little trouble during summer season as there are 10 attendees coming with a single patient. Not only this, even the outsiders are coming into hospital and enjoying the cool water given here which is not meant for them. We even requested the patients not to get so many attendees as they may face such problems.” A patient attendant said “There is water problem here at Gandhi hospital. I came here yesterday and from yesterday evening we are not getting water in this hospital. We had to wait for long time to drink water. It is troubling for the patient attendees as there are no shops nearby even to purchase our own water. It would be better if the water is available at all the times.”

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