American guitarist uses music as healing force in Kabul

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An American musician is helping Afghan girls deal with the hardships of life in Kabul by teaching them guitar. Julie Noce reports.

American guitarist uses music as healing force in Kabul

Lanny Cordola sits with a group of Afghan kids in Kabul belting out some Bob Marley…


“every little thing is going to be all right”

Originally from Los Angeles, the musician now lives in Kabul and runs “The Miraculous Love Kids” a guitar school that gives Afghan girls a safe place to express themselves.

He started the school back in February and has about 50 students from mostly poor families.

Cordola said he hopes playing and making music can help improve their quality of life.


“I want people singing and making music so they are not hurting each other…. music is a healing force. It’s a peace making force. It’s a way to communicate things without having to know languages. It’s sort of a transcendent way of communication and it’s something that can get straight into the heart.”

One of his best students, 12 year old Mursal, says playing guitar helps her deal with past tragedies.

In 2012 she survived a deadly suicide attack, but three of her family members did not.

When I play guitar it makes me happy and takes me to my dream world, she said.

Mursal added she wants to keep practicing and hopefully become a guitar teacher herself one day.

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