Anglican Church sanctions U.S. branch over same-sex marriage

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The Anglican Church slaps sanctions on its U.S. branch for supporting same-sex marriage, averting a formal schism in world’s third largest Christian denomination. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Anglican Church sanctions U.S. branch over same-sex marriage

The Canterbury Cathedral becomes a site of protests.

On Friday the Anglican Church slapped sanctions on its liberal U.S. branch for supporting same-sex marriage.

The move may have averted a formal schism in the world’s third-third largest Christian denomination. But the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby says — it was a necessary decision.


“It is for me a constant source of deep sadness that people are persecuted for their sexuality. And I was very pleased that we agreed to walk together. I don’t agree with everyone around the communion, they certainly don’t agree with me on a number of things, but it is clear in Christian teaching throughout history that is it not for us to divide the body of Christ. It is not for us to divide the Church, which is called in the Bible the body of Christ.”

The Anglican communion, has been in crisis since 2003 because of arguments over sexuality and gender between liberal churches in the West and their conservative counterparts.

After four days of closed-door talks, the church ruled that the liberal U.S. Episcopal Church would be barred for three years from taking part in decision-making on doctrine or governance.

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