Animals indulge in Halloween tricks and treats

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Tortoises, tigers, elephants and dogs get into the Halloween spirit with spooky sweetness. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Animals indulge in Halloween tricks and treats

It may be a face only a mother could love…

Although staff at the San Diego Zoo would beg to differ.

A group of Galapagos tortoises celebrated Halloween early… and age did not discriminate.


“If we look in the back here, the smaller female there is Grandma, she’s probably about 130 to 140 years old.”

But the tortoises weren’t the only animals at the zoo who got into the holiday spirit.

In Ukraine, staff at Kiev’s Zoo say the pumpkins were actually a trick for a treat.

With food hidden inside the pumpkins, these animals appear to have enjoyed all the holiday had to offer.

Elsewhere in Kiev, pugs showed off their inner fashionista.

One took Edward Scissorhands to a whole new level… as they competed for top dog at the halloween-themed costume contest.

Some therapy dogs in Los Angeles had a similar story, parading through the airport dressed in their Tuesday-best.

The idea behind these hot dogs was to keep travelers cool in what some see as a stressful environment.

The pups reminded passengers to tone down their often frightening behaviors.

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