Anti-abortion videographers indicted

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Two anti-abortion activists behind the filming of videos on fetal tissue procurement by Planned Parenthood were indicted by a Texas grand jury on Monday, while clearing the women’s health group of any wrong-doing. Zach Goelman reports.

Anti-abortion videographers indicted

A grand jury in Texas, indicting two anti-abortion activists behind the undercover videos claiming to show Planned Parenthood employees illegally selling the tissue of aborted fetuses.

The charges – announced Monday – are an unexpected outcome to a probe launched by the state’s Republican governor.. aimed at finding wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood.

When he launched the probe, Governor Greg Abbott accused the health group of the – quote – gruesome harvesting of baby body parts.

No evidence was provided to back that claim.

Instead, prosecutors said the grand jury decided to charge videographers David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt who now face felony charges of tampering with a governmental record.

Planned Parenthood has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

In a statement, the governor’s office said the State of Texas “will continue to protect life”.

Planned Parenthood has called the entire investigation politically motivated.

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