Apple fixes dangerous security flaw

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Apple issues a patch to fix a dangerous security flaw in iPhones and iPads after researchers discover a prominent UAE dissident’s phone was targetted with a previously unknown method of hacking. Hayley Platt reports.

Apple fixes dangerous security flaw

IPhone users across the world can let out a collective sigh of relief.

Apple confirms its found a fix for its security scare – issuing a patch sealing the flaw on its iPhones and iPads.

The security breach which is able to infect the most current of iPhones – was discovered earlier this month.


“It is worrying that this has happened and certainly I think consumers are going to be very sensitive to this sort of news in the coming years.”

Ahmed Mansoor, a human rights activist from the United Arab Emirates was the target, receiving a text message inviting him to click on a web link.

He didn’t take the bait.

And forwarded the message to security experts who discovered a rare type of software which if installed would become a digital spy.

The researchers believe the spyware was created by NSO Group – an Israeli company who sells its software to governments.

Apple has urged customers to update their software immediately.

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