Apple revenue jumps 22 percent

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Not only did Apple iPhone sales surge 36 percent last quarter, the company’s China sales doubled and accounted for nearly a quarter of its total revenue. Bobbi Rebell reports.

Apple revenue jumps 22 percent

Apple looking like the picture of health after it’s latest earnings report.

The iPhone maker reported better results than expected, thanks to surging iPhone sales. They were up 36 percent, driven by the launch of 6S and 6S Plus models last month.

As for worries about China, a key market, Apple says there is no sign of a slowdown. In fact, sales in China nearly doubled.

Reuters’ Steve Trousdale.


“This company now has 25 stores in that country, and is opening one roughly every month.”

Many analysts believe that China is poised to replace the United States as Apple’s biggest market.

Apple also announced it was partnering with American Express for Apple Pay, and that the Apple Watch was selling ahead of expectations.

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