Argentina readies for Sunday presidential run-off vote

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On the eve of a presidential run-off in Argentina, voters prepare for an election that could represent a sharp turn toward free markets after 12 years of protectionist rule. Nathan Frandino reports.

Argentina readies for Sunday presidential run-off vote

On the streets of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires… voters are preparing for a big decision.

Who will replace outgoing President Cristina Fernandez?

Will it be the business-friendly Mauricio Macri or the ruling party’s Daniel Scioli?

Residents say they’re looking past political allegiances, hoping to turn over a new page for the country.


“I truly hope change is coming, whoever the winning candidate is, that things get better for all of Argentina.”


“I hope whoever will be better for the country wins, independent of what their political views are.”

The run-off election carries major implications for Latin America’s No. 3 economy.

Foreign reserves are low, the fiscal deficit is widening, growth is sluggish and inflation is high.

Macri has promised to target inflation and abandon Cristina Fernandez’s currency controls that have scared away investors.

Scioli, meanwhile, promises to retain Fernandez’s popular welfare programs while gradually pushing economic policy in a more orthodox direction.

Election officials are working around the clock in preparation for Sunday’s vote and expect the voting to go off without a hitch.

The new Argentine president will take office on December 10th.

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