Arrests in Belgium post-massacre raids

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Belgian police have arrested at least 16 people in a series of operations in the wake of the Paris massacre. Paul Chapman reports.

Arrests in Belgium post-massacre raids

Sixteen people have been arrested in a series of raids by Belgian police after the Paris massacre.

The raids took place in the Brussels area which remains on maximum threat alert.

Police fired on a vehicle which they say ran into officers during one of the raids but it wasn’t clear if the occupants were linked to the case.

Prosecutors say Salah Abdelslam, suspected of playing a key role in the Paris bloodshed, is not among the detainees.


“The Federal Prosecutions Office and the Brussels investigating judge, specialised in terrorist cases, ordered a total of 19 house searches in the Brussels region. Until now no firearms or explosives were found. Salah Abdelslam is not among the persons arrested during the searches.”

Belgium’s been at the heart of the investigation into the Paris attacks in which 130 people died.

French authorities say the massacre was organised among Brussels’ substantial network of Islamic State followers.

The Brussels metro and many shops and schools remained closed on Monday after the Belgian prime minister warned of imminent Paris-style attacks there.

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