Art from ammunition

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A Ukrainian artist creates a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin from remains of 5,000 bullet cartridge cases, entitled ‘Face of War’.

Art from ammunition

Ukrainian artist Daria Marchenko is creating art with ammunition collected from the front lines.

And her vision couldn’t be clearer. Russian President Vladimir Putin is … the “Face of War.”

Using 5,000 bullet cartridges from places like Maryinka that have seen some of the worst fighting, Marchenko hopes to give viewers a window into the Russian leader’s complex personality traits, including what she described as evil and pride.

SOUNDBITE, Artist Daria Marchenko, saying (Russian):

“For me the face of war is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, because he gives out these orders and tells lies. But with this picture, I would like to show that despite that, everyone sees everything. And to show not only to him, but to all of society as well – that war means lives.”

The portrait has at least eight different types of bullet cartridges in a range of colours. Some casings were corroded and others had a gold tint when she received them.

Several people helped the artist by bringing her the cartridges and she says it’s emotionally difficult to work with material that she knows may have wounded or killed fellow citizens.

SOUNDBITE, Artist Daria Marchenko, saying (Russian):

“If I were to say that I have aged, I wouldn’t be lying. It took a great deal of strength and I’ll need to recover because this energy is very heavy.”

The day Marchenko unveiled ‘Face of War,” it was shared more than 4,000 times on Facebook.

She says this is the is the first piece in a series of five works that will be presented publicly. The other works will be made from parts of bombs, grenades and other weapons being used on the frontline in Ukraine’s war with Russian-supported separatists.

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