Assad has “burned our hearts”: Syrian survivor

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Syrian Kurdish and government forces agree a ceasefire to halt fighting in the northeastern city of Hasaka, although survivors wonder how long it will last. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Assad has “burned our hearts”: Syrian survivor

This is what a ceasefire looks like in Syria.

Amatuer video which can not be independently verified by Reuters shows signs of everyday life in the war-scarred streets of Hasaka in

the northeast.

Syrian Kurdish and government forces have agreed to the ceasefire.

The Kurdish YPG militia, which already holds much of northeastern Syria, has reportedly won control of nearly all Hasaka city in fighting with government forces that erupted last week.

It’s a fight that has come with a cost for residents.


“We were sitting at our house and suddenly a shell came, killing five of us – and my daughter is critical now at the hospital. We want to know who is responsible for the Syrian people? Does Assad agree with dropping shells on his children? If God willing a shell comes to his house and children, Amen! I hope his heart will be burning as he burned our hearts.”

It’s a fight that may be over, at least for now…but the wounds have not yet healed.

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