At least 120 killed in Italy quake: Renzi

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The death toll in the overnight earthquake that devastated parts of central Italy has risen to at least 120, with volunteers and firefighters racing to free those trapped under the rubble as darkness falls. Mana Rabiee reports.

At least 120 killed in Italy quake: Renzi

As rescue work continued into the afternoon, a new, grim statistic…Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announcing that the death toll from central Italy’s overnight earthquake had risen to more than 120.

The powerful 6.2 magnitude quake flattened mountain towns, burying people alive in their sleep.

Many of the survivors were pulled out by neighbors — these mountainous communities, hard for emergency crews to get to fast.

Still, exhausted volunteers and firefighters race against time to free those still trapped.

They know the darkness will work against them.

Renzi toured an impromptu tent city set up in Amatrice (AH-ma-TREE-cheh) , one of the worst hit towns and close to the quake’s epicenter.

Some of the devastation appears overwhelming.

Last year, Amatrice (AH-ma-TREE-cheh) was voted one of Italy’s most beautiful historic towns.

Today, whole areas are gone.

Scores of people are still unaccounted for and, because most of them are visitors, authorities say making a final tally of the missing will be difficult.

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