At least 13 dead in Afghan blast

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At least 13 people were killed by a suicide bomber in Jalalabad during a gathering to celebrate the release of the tribal elder’s son from Taliban captivity. Julie Noce reports.

At least 13 dead in Afghan blast

At least 13 people are dead after a suicide bombing in the Afghan city of Jalalabad on Sunday.

The attacker blew himself up at the home of a tribal elder. A group of people had been gathering to celebrate the release of his son from Taliban captivity.

The son was amongst those killed in the blast.

Fourteen other people including his father were wounded in the attack.

A hospital official said three of those wounded are in critical condition.

A Taliban spokesman denied responsibility for the attack on his Twitter page .

There have been several bomb blasts in Afghanistan over recent weeks at a time when efforts are underway to restart a peace process with the Taliban.

Islamic State claimed their first attack in the city last week with an assault on the Pakistani consulate that killed seven people.

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