At least seven killed in Turkish ‘cleansing’ operation

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Turkish troops pound the town of Cizre in what the government describes as an operation to “cleanse” the area of militants. Diane Hodges reports.

At least seven killed in Turkish ‘cleansing’ operation

Turkish troops pounded areas around the southeastern town of Cizre near the Syrian border.

The government is targeting the militia of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party, or P-K-K.

But shopkeeper Abdullah Varkin says the latest security operation, now well into its second week, is also hitting many civilians.


“The people are miserable, even sick people cannot go to the hospital. The injured are trying to treat themselves at home and they die due to the lack of doctors and blood loss. People do not have access to bread, chemists are shut and you don’t have health centers here. The state is bombing everywhere without discrimination.”

The pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party, or H-D-P, says at least 38 civilians have been killed in the operation.

State media says troops have killed 168 P-K-K militants.

Ankara launched a peace process with the P-K-K in late 2012 but the talks ground to a halt early this year.

Prospects for new attempts to bring peace to the area remain bleak.

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