At least ten dead after Bangladesh ferry sinks

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Grieving families of the dead and missing gather at a river’s edge after an overcrowded Bangladeshi ferry sinks, killing at least 10 people and leaving nearly a dozen others unaccounted for. Mana Rabiee reports.

At least ten dead after Bangladesh ferry sinks

They gathered on the bank of the River Sandhya in the town of Barisal… grieving families of the dead and missing.

Police say a section of the steep river bank collapsed on top of an overcrowded ferry anchored here — sinking it, and leaving at least ten people dead with many others unaccounted for.

Rescue boats searched the waters for victims — the ferry was nowhere to be seen. Relatives and villagers helped in the search.

Low-lying Bangladesh has a long and deadly record of ferry accidents.

Overcrowding is a common factor but little has been done to improve safety standards — even as the government vows to toughen regulations after every accident that claims more lives.

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