Aug 06, 2018 – Ep # 223 Sufiyon Ki Vaadi (Sufism in Kashmir)

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Sufi Saint: Syed Baba Hyder Reshi (RA)
Location: Danter Village in Anantnag District

Sufiyon Ki Vaadi is a weekly Cable Program which is telecast in the Kashmir Valley and which reminds the people of the Sufi culture and tradition of the Valley. This show is viewer interactive and projects the Sufi tradition of the Valley and impact of Sufism on the culture and tradition of the people. The Sufi culture rejects any form of militancy and radicalisation. The program engages Youth in supporting Sufism and Kashmiriyat. The show also contains interviews with theologists of repute to highlight the Sufi tradition as Kashmir’s way of life and how following Sufism teachings is better. The program also brings into focus the impact of Sufism on the life of Kashmiris, in Literature, crafts and culture. Overall Sufism is the life line of Jammu and Kashmir and the people are more committed to it than ever before. (Jammu and Kashmir)

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