Autorickshaw Driver becomes messiah to leprosy patients

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Kalaburagi (Karnataka), Oct 15 (ANI): An autorickshaw driver, Hanmanth Huvanna Devnoor, in southern Kalaburagi has turned out to be a messiah for leprosy patients from poor section of the society as he treats their wounds for free. India has over 50 percent of world’s leprosy-affected population and the trend, which declined in the first decade of this century, is now again rising. Patients living in small towns, cities and far-flung villages do not have easy access to treatment centres. But Devnoor opened Mahatma Gandhi Leprosy Dispensary Centre with his own money in 2002 after his repeated pleas to authorities for setting up a facility bore no fruit. Devnoor’s motivation to serve leprosy patients stems from the fact that his mother is also a patient of the chronic disease. He has been dressing the wounds of her mother since his childhood after his father left both of them in fear of getting infected. A leprosy patient, Kondabha, says he owes a lot to Devnoor, who visits him regularly at his home. Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease causing disfiguring skin ulcers and nerve damage in the arms and legs. Over time, it can cause inability to feel.

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