Autorikshaw driver uses money saved for daughter’s wedding to buy her Rs 5-lakh German rifle

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Ahmedabad, Aug 28 (ANI): Inspired by Rio-medallists, an autorickshaw driver in Ahmedabad gifted her daughter, Mittal Gohil, a rifle worth Rs. 5 lakh. Manilal, who has below decent monthly income and is a man of limited means, never dismissed his daughter’s deep desire to learn this expensive sport of shooting. He enrolled her for lessons at a club, where she practiced shooting with a rented rifle. It was clear that she had a natural aptitude for the sport when she won a bronze medal at a national championship, soon after her training began. Next came the challenge of buying her own rifle so she could train further and participate in international level competitions. At this point, Manilal decided that letting his daughter pursue her ambitions was more important than saving for her marriage, he decided to use the money set aside for her wedding to help her get the firearm. Six months of hard work and saving by her family later, Mittal is today the proud owner of a brand new rifle. However, each bullet costs Rs. 31 and she needs to buy at least 1,000 rounds every time she wants to participate in a tournament. In addition, money is needed to meet her travel costs. So, the family’s struggle is far from over.

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