Baby animals celebrated with cake and friendship

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Panda cub Bei Bei delights fans during his first birthday celebration at Washington’s National Zoo, while zookeepers around the world care for newly born animals. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Baby animals celebrated with cake and friendship

They grow up so fast!

But one-year-old giant panda Bei Bei still has his playful and adventurous personality… especially around his mother.

It was Mei Xiang who initiated a Chinese tradition of choosing a symbol for Bei Bei — part of the cub’s birthday celebration at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

She also stepped up to eat her son’s cake, as the little one slept through it all.

Birthday wishes were given to two other pandas at the zoo… which, unlike Bei Bei, did have their cake… and ate it too.

Experts say the survival rate for pandas in their first few weeks is just 50 percent. And staff at the Vienna zoo are monitoring these twin cubs closely… so that they, too, may enjoy birthdays to come.

At six weeks, this female lion cub is considered a prize. She’s the first lion to be born at Peru’s Legends Park in more than two decades… and is reportedly in good health.

Sticking with the theme of babies, this young Francois’ Langur was recently unveiled in a social media video by Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.

That orange head of hair belongs to an endangered species. And so the Australian Zoo is nurturing the ones they do have in their care.

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