Baghdad flooded by severe storms

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Heavy rain has flooded streets and homes in parts of Baghdad, overwhelming the outdated sewer system and forcing people to flee the rising waters. Diane Hodges reports.

Baghdad flooded by severe storms

Heavy storms in Baghdad are flooding streets and homes and forcing residents in some areas to flee to higher ground.

The city was lashed with thunderstorms for more than 10 hours on Wednesday, overwhelming the city’s antiquated sewer system.

It happened last year too…although this man says, nothing was done about it.


“Last year, the government said it was prepared for the rainy season. Where is this readiness? .”

Iraq’s water and sewer systems are outdated, and improvements have been hindered by years of war and neglect.

Weather forecasters say the rain will continue through the weekend, leaving Baghdad residents no choice but to deal with the flooding

as best they can.

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