Bald eagle egg hatching caught on camera

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The “Eagle-cam,” provided by the American Eagle Foundation and, captures the hatching of a bald eagle eaglet in Washington, D.C. Gavino Garay reports.

Bald eagle egg hatching caught on camera

The baby bald eagle has landed.

One of two eaglets hatched in the Nation’s Capital on Friday, and it was all caught on camera courtesy of the American Eagle Foundation.

The so-called “eagle cam” provided live footage of the bald eagle couple, known as “Mr. President” and “The First Lady,” with the second eaglet on the way soon.

The ‘first family’ of eagles are the first to nest in the city’s National Arboretum since 1947.

The presidential birds are a symbol of the U.S. government and are featured on U.S. currency.

And they’re a source of local pride for D.C. residents too, who will enjoy watching the birds grow up for some time to come.

Thankfully, they won’t need a motorcade.

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