Ban, Obama compliment each other at their last UNGA luncheon

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Ban Ki-moon and Barack Obama compliment each other’s leadership, as the two leaders host their last United Nations General Assembly Leaders’ Lunch. President Obama also pays tribute to both the city of New York and to UN workers who “risk their lives to deliver aid” in Syria.

Ban, Obama compliment each other at their last UNGA luncheon

Let’s play golf, no basketball please: Ban to ObamaUnited Nations (United States) – 20 September 2016 14:26 – AFP Over a lavish lunch of king salmon, veal with morrel sauce and chocolate, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday reminded Barack Obama that they will soon both be jobless.”Mr. President, we need to find something to do,” Ban told the US president.”I challenge you to a round of golf! But please don’t challenge me to a game of basketball!” he quipped.Ban hosted a lunch at the United Nations for leaders of all 193 UN member-states attending this week’s General Assembly meeting.The former South Korean foreign minister will step down in December after 10 years as the world’s top diplomat. Obama ends his eight-year term in January.Ban led heads of state and government in a toast, raising his glass to “peace, prosperity and human rights across the world”.cml/jm

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