Bao Bao the panda takes up painting

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Three year old Bao Bao the panda ‘learns to paint’ with help of her trainer at the National Zoo in Washington by maneuvering a rod dipped in paint onto a canvas outside her cage. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Bao Bao the panda takes up painting


Bao Bao the panda has taken up a new hobby.

The three year old is ‘learning’ how to paint with the help of her trainer at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

As a reward for making paint strokes with a rod on a canvas outside of her cage, Bao Bao is given apple slices and other treats.

The zoo eventually plans to put Bao Bao’s finished paintings up for auction.

While Bao Bao expands her artistic horizons, the zoo is planning birthday celebrations for her younger brother Bei Bei, who was born on August 22nd of last year.

Giant pandas, which are native to China, have a very low reproductive rate, especially in captivity. There are about 300 giant pandas in captivity and some 1,600 in the wild.

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