Bernie Sanders takes aim at Republican rivals

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One day after the Republican debate, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says the GOP will “do horrendous things” for working families. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Bernie Sanders takes aim at Republican rivals


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said on Friday (January 29) that a Republican president will enact policies that will be “horrendous” for U.S. families.

Sanders told a group of supporters in Iowa, that Democrats must make sure a Republican is not elected president this year, and refuted critics who say he can’t win against a Republican candidate.

“One of the criticisms being thrown at me, is that Bernie Sanders – nice guy, combs his hair really well, great dresser – but he can’t win a general election,” he said. “Hillary Clinton is the only person who can beat right-wing Republicans. Let me be very, very clear about that one. I think we have got to beat this crew of Republicans, who if sent to the White House will do horrendous things for the working families of this country. For that there is no debate.”

Sanders is campaigning in the state ahead of Monday’s (February 1) Iowa Caucuses, the beginning of the presidential nominating process.

Rival Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has said that Clinton has been making the case that her time as secretary of state and a senator from New York, makes her more experienced. Sanders cited Clinton’s 2002 Senate vote to authorize the Iraq war and her prior support for the Canada-to-Texas Keystone Pipeline as evidence that her experience is misguided.

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