Blast at government office in Pakistan kills 21: official

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A Pakistani Taliban group has claimed responsibility for a blast in Pakistan on Tuesday, that killed 21 people and wounded dozens more. Diane Hodges reports.

Blast at government office in Pakistan kills 21: official

The attack occurred at a government office in the northwestern city of Mardan,

A suicide bomber rode up and set off his explosives, as crowds of people were queuing up to receive ID cards.

Officials say at least 21 people were killed and more than 70 wounded.

A faction of the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Called Jamaat ur Ahrar, the group is fighting to overthrow the government and establish hard-line Islamist rule.

The Pakistani Taliban once controlled large areas of remote territory in the northwest.

A series of military offensives that began in 2009 has pushed them back into a few pockets, but authorities say, they remain a potent threat.

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