Bomb attack kills at least 32 in Cameroon

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Suicide bombers targeted a town in northern Cameroon, killing 32 people and wounding 66. Nathan Frandino reports.

Bomb attack kills at least 32 in Cameroon

The wounded are being evacuated in Cameroon after a suicide bombing killed at least 32 people.

The bombing targeted the northern town of Bodo and injured 66 people in one of the worst attacks yet in the central African nation.

Military doctor Colonel Jean Paul Affana.


“We sorted the wounded and the worst cases we drove here in Maroua, where we have just arrived. They are now being dispatched to different hospitals in the city. We propose and already have permission from commanders to have more rotations tomorrow because there are several more wounded and these people need our help.”

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Nigeria’s Boko Haram has recently stepped up cross-border violence.

The Islamist group has been waging an insurgency for six years now, killing thousands and forcing millions to flee.

Cameroon is part of a five-country regional force aimed at wiping out the group before it can carry out any more attacks like this one.

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