Bomb blast in central Athens

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A bomb has exploded outside a Greek business federation in central Athens, causing damage but no injuries. Paul Chapman reports.

Bomb blast in central Athens

Makeshift bomb attacks have escalated since 2010 in Greece but this was the first since Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras came to power in January.

The blast outside the offices of the Hellenic Business Federation in central Athens caused damage but nobody was hurt.

Police believe it was the work of domestic guerrilla groups.

The device, inside a backpack and triggered by a timer, went off in the early hours of the morning on Tuesday.

Police said an anonymous caller gave two newspapers about half an hour’s warning of the impending blast.

Greece’s adoption of unpopular austerity measures five years ago unleashed a rise in bomb and arson attacks.

The measures include tax rises, and wage and pension cuts in exchange for multi-billion dollar euro bailouts from the European Union and IMF.

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