Booking photo of suspected Colorado shooter released

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Colorado Springs Police release the booking photo of Robert L. Dear, the 57-year-old man suspected of opening fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic, killing three. Gavino Garay reports.

Booking photo of suspected Colorado shooter released

This is the man Colorado Springs Police say opened fire at a Planned Parenthood women’s health clinic on Friday, killing three people and injured nine others.

He’s been identified as 57-year-old Robert L. Dear.

Dear allegedly engaged in a gun battle with police, before surrendering himself to officers inside the building.

He’s suspected to have acted alone and police have declined to comment on his suspected motives.

The Colorado Springs clinic provides a range of women’s health services including abortions and has been the target of repeated protests by anti-abortion activists.

Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains chapter president Vicki Cowart says extremists are creating a quote “poisonous environment” that leads to this kind of violence in the U.S.

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