Brad Pitt slams Angelina Jolie for compromising their children’s privacy

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New Delhi, Dec 23 (ANI): In his latest court filing, Brad Pitt, who is estranged from former wife Angelina Jolie, accuses the 41-year-old actress of compromising their children’s privacy and not acting in their “best interest”. According to the Mirror, Pitt’s lawyers have stated that Jolie “has no self-regulating mechanism” to prevent sensitive information about their children and divorce becoming public through the media. The ‘Fight Club’ actor’s legal team filed a memorandum in a Los Angeles court on December 21 explaining to a judge why he wants information about the divorce and the custody of their six children sealed from the public. This move comes weeks after a judge refused to take emergency action to seal the file but told the actor he could apply for the case to be sealed in January 2017. Earlier this week Pitt’s demands to see more of his children were rejected by Jolie as their divorce battle became increasingly bitter, and Brad Pitt was said to be celebrating the Christmas alone.

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