Brazil’s Rousseff ousted as president

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Brazil’s Senate has removed President Dilma Rousseff from office for breaking budgetary laws. The vote ends an impeachment process that has polarized the scandal-plagued country and paralyzed its politics for nine months. Nathan Frandino reports.

Brazil’s Rousseff ousted as president

In a 61-20 vote, Brazil’s senate has ended Dilma Rousseff’s presidency.

The body convicted the leftist leader for illegally using money from state banks to boost public spending… although Rousseff – Brazil’s first female president – has denied any wrongdoing.

During her testimony this week, she called the impeachment a clear attack on the constitution.

Conservative Michel Temer will now take over.

He’s served as interim president since Rousseff’s suspension in May.

He’ll serve out the remainder of the presidential term through 2018, while Rousseff files an appeal with the Supreme Court.

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