Britain’s Corbyn ends campaign ahead of Labour leadership vote

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British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn thanks supporters as he wraps up campaigning ahead of his party’s leadership election Saturday. Corbyn is expected to see off a leadership challenge from Welsh MP Owen Smith, which was launched after the vast majority of the party’s lawmakers said they had no confidence in the veteran socialist as their leader.

Britain’s Corbyn ends campaign ahead of Labour leadership vote

FOR CONTEXT:UK Labour chief Corbyn delivers leftist manifesto / London (United Kingdom) – 15 September 2016 18:04 – AFP / LDN – ECO – POL – 406 Words / Britain economy politics Labour / PICTURE, VIDEO / PAW-GL , AFW-GL , MEW-GL , EUW-GL , MAX-GL , ANA-GL 15 September 2016 Britain’s far-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Thursday ventured to the heart of the City of London to stress the importance of workers’ rights and big-business’s social obligations post-Brexit.The 67-year-old spelled out his plans at the London headquarters of Bloomberg, a week before the result is revealed of a challenge against his leadership by MP Owen Smith, although he remains heavy favourite to keep his job.The hi-tech headquarters, crammed with screens scrolling with the latest financial figures, provided an unusual backdrop for a speech by Corbyn.But the long-time City critic chose the venue carefully, with the speech taking place in the same room that former Conservative prime minister David Cameron promised in 2013 to hold a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.Corbyn was accused by many in his own party of not campaigning hard enough to keep Britain in the EU, but insisted Thursday that he had been disappointed with the result despite criticising the bloc. “We in the Labour Party campaigned in the referendum for a vote to Remain and Reform,” he said. “But our arguments did not carry the day. We now have to set out the best possible future for our country after the Leave vote,” he added, ruling out a new referendum promised by leadership rival Smith if Labour were to win the next election.Corbyn said his Brexit priorities would be to maintain workers’ rights enshrined in European law, saying “everyone deserves protection at work” and to ensure access to the single market, albeit without adopting its rules on liberalising public services.The 36 minute speech, Corbyn’s 55th of the leadership campaign, reaffirmed his plans to revolutionise Britain’s industrial strategy.He explained plans to invest £500 billion ($660 billion, 587 billion euros) in infrastructure projects, to renationalise the railway companies and to set up an education service providing free learning and training “from the cradle to the grave”.He also vowed to reverse Conservative public spending cuts and to clampdown on “unscrupulous bosses” following recent rows over the conduct of high-profile employers, such as Top Shop boss Philip Green.As a parting shot, the Labour leader warned the audience to expect big changes if he were to become prime minister.”We will take power out of the hands of a few elite circles in Westminster and the City of London, and give communities across the country the ability to shape their own destinies,” he said.

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