British Muslim convicted in imam killing

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A British Muslim man’s been convicted of helping in the Islamic State-inspired murder of an imam he believed was practising black magic. Paul Chapman reports.

British Muslim convicted in imam killing


A British Muslim man’s starting a minimum 24-year jail sentence for his part in the murder of a respected imam in northern England, inspired by Islamic State.

Mohammed Syeedy was the getaway driver for an accomplice who beat the 72-year-old victim to death with a hammer in a park in Rochdale.

Security camera footage is said to show the pair following him there after evening prayers at his mosque in February.

Prosecutors say the men plotted the killing for months.

The pair, both followers of the Salafist strand of Islam espoused by Islamic State, believed Jalal Uddin practised a form of healing they believed to be punishable by death.

Syeedy, a follower of Islamic State, was convicted of involvement in the murder on Friday.

His accomplice, Mohammed Abdul Kadir, who prosecutors say struck the fatal blows, fled the country and is believed to have joined Islamic State fighters in Syria.

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