Britons protest Eurotunnel migrant crisis

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Rival groups in Folkstone, England protest over the surge in migrants sneaking into the Channel Tunnel to enter the UK in search of asylum. Sean Carberry reports.

Britons protest Eurotunnel migrant crisis


The rallies so far are small, but the underlying crisis is growing.

Migrants are now massing in the thousands in Calais, France in hopes of sneaking through the Channel Tunnel and seeking asylum in the UK.

One group in Folkstone, England, calling itself Folkstone United, came out to say Britain needs to do more to help the migrants.


“Britain doesn’t play its full part in taking the amount of asylum seekers and refugees that there are. So I think the response to the people who are trying to get through is dreadful.”

As French ferry workers continue striking in Calais, migrants are exploiting the chaos to sneak into the Channel Tunnel.

At least nine migrants have been killed in the process this year.

Across the street from the pro-migrant demonstrators in Folkstone, rival groups staged a counter protest, but everything remained peaceful.

Paul Golding is the leader of Britain First, an anti-immigration, anti-Jihad organization.


“We’re here today to oppose these left wing traitors across the road who want open borders, mass immigration and they believe that everyone coming here should just be allowed in. We’re a small, overcrowded island with barely enough space and resources for our own people.”

Migrants have long gathered in Calais to try to get into Britain.

Eurotunnel, the firm that runs freight and passenger shuttles via the Channel Tunnel, says their numbers have swelled tenfold this year, and migrants have become better organized in their attempts to transit the tunnel.

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