Budding woman entrepreneur goes green with eco-friendly products

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New Delhi, Jul 22 (ANI): 29-year-old Ngangom Monalisa Chanu from Manipur has brought in a new era of eco-friendly products in the form of environment-friendly pen and pencils. The budding woman entrepreneur deals with products ranging from environmental pens with seeds, pencils, direct filling ball pens, paper bags, non-woven bags and more, under the brand name of ‘Envi’. Her business venture, Chanu Associates concern for environment and her personal love for nature compelled her to come up with the innovative idea of making pens and pencils with biodegradable products. Chanu said, “I got some knowledge about the environment like bag making, tree plantation and more such measures when I was studying in Punjab University. Pen can be made without any machinery and without any investment, so I got inspired and prepared a handmade pen. Though I had set up a firm in 2007, all the processes like GST compliance finished in March this year. After that, I started producing eco-friendly products.” These pens and pencils can yield new plants of different species once discarded. While carving out pen and pencils of different colors and varieties, Chanu inserts seeds of different vegetables like radish, carrot, beet flowers, tomato, and spinach in the products which after use could grow into a variety of plants. She sells these pencils at Rs 5 and pen for Rs 10. So far she has been able to sell 10,000 pieces of pen which led to the increasing demand of her products.

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