Burkini creator sees sales rise after French ban

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The Australian creator of the burkini sees an increase in sales and popularity of the full body swimsuit since the temporary ban on certain beaches in France. Hayley Platt reports.

Burkini creator sees sales rise after French ban

It’s been around for more than a decade.

But it’s taken a ban to give the Australian-designed burkini a boost.

Three French towns, including Cannes, will no longer allow the full body swimsuit on its beaches.


“Our sales have increased and the more they actually ban it, or the more they actually reject it, it doesn’t mean a woman will ever stop wearing it, we’ve introduced this new lifestyle for women that never had it.”

But some in France – the target of several Islamist attacks – don’t see it like that.

They say the Burkini defies French laws on secularism.


“I think they’ve misunderstood, they have taken a very, very positive lifestyle and piece of fabric and made into a really negative and symbolised it against some sort of negativity which they shouldn’t have done.”

Some of France’s five million Muslims also regret the ban…..for safety reasons.


“If we go in fully clothed it could be a potential life or death situation fully clothed, as you know clothes get wet, quite heavy.”

Ten Muslim women have been apprehended by police in Cannes for wearing a burkini since the ban was introduced three weeks ago.

And a French court is now examining the temporary ruling.

But six years ago the wearing of a full-face niqab or burqa veil in public was banned – and that law remains in place.

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