Business honchos who quit their jobs in 2017

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New Delhi, Dec 30 (ANI): Mounting legal and moral crises and a leadership drain, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Uber, Travis Kalanick, was allegedly forced to step down following severe backlash from the company’s shareholders, reported the New York Times. Uber Technologies Inc. has been privy to various scandals since it came to front as a global taxi service provider. Vishal Sikka resigned as the Managing Director (MD) and CEO of Infosys, citing ‘continuous distractions’ as the reason for his resignation in August this year. His resignation happened after a prolonged public battle with the company’s founders. For 16 long years Jeff Immelt held the top post at the multinational General Electric (GE) before he finally stepped down in August of 2017. GE said his departure was planned years ahead. Immelt was said to be methodical when it came to investing in software to make industrial machinery run more effectively. PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd’s Chairman and CEO, D. Shivakumar resigned to join Aditya Birla Group as President (corporate strategy and business development) in October. John Bryant left his CEO post at Kellogg Co. this fall on a soggy note. The cereal giant’s stock is having by far its worst year since the last recession.

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