Cameron ‘wants UK to join IS airstrikes’

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron says he wants Brtiain to join air strikes against Islamic State militants. Paul Chapman reports.

Cameron ‘wants UK to join IS airstrikes’

The French president and Britain’s prime minister pay tribute to the 89 people killed at the Bataclan concert hall as the Paris massacre unfolded.

It was the scene of the biggest loss of life in the attacks that claimed 130 lives.

The two leaders went on to hold talks about the fight against Islamic State militants who claimed responsibility for the bloodshed.

French President Francois Hollande is pledging to step up air strikes against the militants in Syria.


“We are going to intensify our strikes, we are going to chose targets that will do the most possible damage to this terrorist army, and our aircraft carrier will soon be arriving in the area, clearly mandated to hit Daesh and hit them hard.”

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron says he wants the UK to join military strikes against Islamic State.


“I firmly support the action that President Hollande has taken to strike ISIL in Syria and it’s my firm conviction that Britain should do so too. Of course, that will be a decision for parliament to make. Today I’ve offered President Hollande the use of RAF Akrotiri for French aircraft engaged in counter-ISIL operations and additional assistance with air-to-air refuelling.”

Cameron says he plans to present a comprehensive strategy to parliament later this week for the defeat of Islamic State.

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