Cardamom farming: An employment booster for Sikkim

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Sikkim, Aug 21 (ANI): Large Cardamom is an ancient spice cum medicinal herb used by the North-eastern people. Its cultivation is mainly confined to eastern Himalayas covering Sikkim, Darjeeling in West Bengal and Arunachal Pradesh. People of Lingchom and Geyzing in west Sikkim mainly cultivate large cardamom which is considered one of the most important spices in Sikkim. It is also the main source of income for the state. Ramsey, Golsey, Varlanegy and Sawney are some of the varieties of large cardamom which are found in the region. Large cardamom is cultivated mainly in shaded areas and requires moist soil. In organic farming, cardamom farmers mostly use dried cow dung as fertilizers. Cultivating cardamom has been a traditional practice and a way to earn livelihood for the people of Sikkim. Youngsters in Sikkim are gradually taking up cardamom farming and yearn for better results.

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